Zanziar is a fantasy board game for 2-6 players.

In Zanziar, mighty heroes roam the lands of Zanziar to regain their throne of power. The charismatic heroes guide their allied adventurers and armies through battles, adventures and events to the victory: the domination of the lands of the Zanziar.

Up to six players take the roles of these heroes and the battle for domination of Zanziar can begin. Zanziar is a fantasy world where heroes and adventurers are occasionally mightier than entire armies and where magical items and events are, if not commonplace, then at least known to exist. In the ravaged and war-torn realm the rulers of the world search for salvation and hope – for all peoples or only to their own. A keen and lucky traveler might even find pieces of the long lost artifact, the Staff of Wyrmandalus, which would give unlimited might to its wielder.

Object of the Game

In Zanziar the heroes must gather armies, ally with adventurers, vanquish other heroes and conquer cities in order to fulfill their goals. Each hero has his own set of victory conditions, out of which two must be completed to gain victory. The game allows a wide variety of tactics to be used to achieve victory.



Game Statistics

Number of players: 2-6

Game play length: 120-180 minutes

Age suitability: 12+